Most non-profit organisations operate with two core functions: communication and fundraising. These organisations conduct various operations that embody the two core functions. Unlike other organisations in different sectors who embrace mobile applications, non-profit organisations have been reluctant to adopt the use of mobile apps due to its price, maintenance and hiring people who specialise in managing the app.

Changes Happen

As the old saying goes, change is the only constant in life. Today, non-profit organisations have started pursuing development services for building mobile apps. According to a report from Econsultancy, the charity sector is one of the slowest to adopt new technology. Specifically, small charities struggle to keep up with costs and demands of digital innovation.

Charities could be losing potential volunteers or donations because of a lack of focus on mobile apps. With a user-friendly mobile app, charities or other non-profit organisations can increase their audience’s awareness, engagement and advocacy.

The Value of a Younger Audience

Research suggests that millennials tend to spend more on brands that promote corporate responsibility projects. The majority prefer digital payment methods rather than cash.

Results from a survey conducted by Moneymailme states that 72 per cent of eighteen to twenty-five year olds would donate to non-profit organisations via mobile app, if they had the option. Another result shows that 62 per cent would feel frustrated if they could only donate via cash.

While millennials prefer donating via mobile app, not everyone prefers to download an app just to donate. Non-profit organisations need to make sure there are options across various channels. A mobile app serves as a way to access additional features such as having control over donating or a feature to track what you donate.

Meaningful Brand Experience

Fast and easy donations are not the only reason why a mobile app is valuable for non-profit organisations. Regardless of the type of company, apps provide users with engaging content that helps educate and entertain users.

The key is to have an app that provides a relevant service to the user or solves a specific problem. Some users might look for an app for advice on their own fundraising, or some might look for advice about a difficult issue in their life.

Building Trust in Charity

One of the biggest hindrances for non-profit organisations asking for donations is their audience’s concern about where their money is going. To address this concern, non-profit organisations should demonstrate value by emphasising the impact of their audience’s donations. With the ability to incorporate tailored elements, a mobile app is the right platform to achieve this.

A mobile app for a charity organisation can provide users with details about the beneficiaries that have and continue to benefit from donations. With a simple tap or swipe, users can control the amount they donate. An app also has the real-time element of notifying users about current and on-going issues they can provide support to.

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