Apple now has over 775,000 apps available in their App Store. As for Google – well the Android based smartphone has grown incredibly with an estimated 700,000 apps in Google Play. With over 60 billion app downloads between the two of them, its fair to say the demand for apps is increasing exponentially.

More apps attract more customers. More customers mean more traffic. High volume traffic naturally generates advertising opportunities.  And this is what creates a great opportunity for your app to make money – banner advertising.

Why is this important? Due to all the competition many app developers are now providing their apps for free, however they’re monetising their app through banner advertising. Essentially, they’re opening up their apps to advertisers to place specific ads in front of the app developers target audience.

Now consider this – think of the recurring income you could earn if your app achieved 10,000+ or even 100,000+ downloads within 12 months? Subject to the agreement between you and the ad network, you could generate money every time someone views and/or clicks on the banner advertisement within your app.

The advertiser benefits from generating revenue from their ad and you, as the app owner, earn revenue from the clicks or impressions on the ad.

So if you’re considering developing an app but feel that the competition may cause you to offer your app for free, then don’t despair. There are many different ways to generate a healthy app income.

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