As of March 2017, there are more than 2.8 million apps listed in Google Play and 2.2 million in the Apple App Store. Given the astounding figures, it is important that your app appears in app store search results. This is where search engine optimisation comes in.

ASO Is the SEO for Mobile Apps

ASO or App Store Optimisation boosts app discovery and rankings in app store search results. It even allows your app to rank in top apps for its respective categories.

Similar to SEO for websites, ASO takes into consideration the meta title, meta description and keywords. Its goal is to convert app searches into app downloads with good reviews. And just like SEO for web search engines, ASO results don’t happen overnight. The process takes time, patience, dedication and constant monitoring and analysis.

A Guide to Optimising Mobile Apps

Focus on your app’s searchable elements: title, description and the app publisher’s name
Your app’s title is one of the trickiest parts of ASO. You have to resist the urge of naming your app solely after your brand. Why? Try searching for your brand in Play Store or App Store. Even if you don’t have an app yet, other apps will most likely appear while using your brand name as a promotional tactic.

Naming your app goes beyond brand identity. To get the most out of your ASO strategy, it is ideal to include relevant keywords in your app title. According to a study conducted by TUNE, a mobile marketing authority in the US, apps with relevant keywords rank 10.3 per cent higher than apps with no keywords in their title.

The name of your app should fit 30 (iOS) or 50 (Android) characters and should be limited to URL-friendly characters. Using special characters will lower your discoverability and weaken your ASO strategy.

Go slowly but surely with your keywords

If your app is new to the app store and has yet to gain reviews and installs, target low difficulty keywords first. Find specific keywords that are most relevant to your app’s service and integrate them in the description. This allows your app to be discoverable in less competitive, low-traffic searches. You can do your own keyword research as well by using available online tools and resources.

Once your app has received a decent amount of downloads and positive reviews, you can now compete for keywords with higher traffic. Maximise your app’s description, as this is your biggest opportunity to make use of all your relevant keywords. Keep in mind that ASO — like SEO — takes quality and authority into consideration, so don’t just stuff 4,000 characters worth of keywords.

Remember that design matters

Web design and user interface (UI) play important roles in SEO, especially when it comes to converting web page visitors into customers. Similarly, the design of app icons has a huge impact on installs. Statistics show that a great icon design can boost your app downloads by up to 560 per cent.

Full End-to-End App Development in Australia

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