Initial Development Consultation

Cost: Free How: Phone or Skype Time: 30 – 60 mins


Like anyone, you have a creative vision for your new app. This is why we spend time to get to know your idea and its purpose. This consultation enables us to scope out the high level requirements of your project and provide you with a estimation to bring your vision to reality.


Scoping Workshop

If you agree with our estimation and timeline, we now proceed to a workshop.


We use this time to scope out the detailed functional and non-functional requirements of your project. We all know that failing to scope out the requirements at the start, only leads to problems in the end – and usually more cost. So to avoid any confusion, this workshop enables us to gain a detailed understanding of your project. We also use this opportunity to provide our thoughts and ideas on helping your app succeed in the market place.


We use this interactive workshop to scope out the detailed functional and non-functional requirements of your project. The documentation produced from this workshop acts as the blueprint for the design and development of your app idea. Let’s bring your app to life!


What you get:

  • Detailed scope of your apps functional and nonfunctional requirements (project scope)
  • Interactive wireframe of your app
  • Sample design concepts (3-5 screens)
  • Monetisation and commercialisation strategy
  • Fixed fee quote
  • And much more!


Upon acceptance of our quote, we will prepare an engagement letter for you to sign. This letter documents all the functional and nonfunctional requirements of the project, payment terms and milestones. It also forms the legal contract for the project. We don't require full payment upfront, just a 20% deposit. The remainder of the payments will be spread across the life of the project. Following this we are ready to get started!


Rigorously Test

Now our designers and developers get to work on building your app. In the first instance, our designers will develop a creative concept. From here we will fine-tune the concept with the required revisions. Once approved, our designers will handover to our app developers who will commence the techy stuff. Now we’re starting to see your app come to life!


Relax – Everything’s Under Control

Once your app has been developed, we now test for usability, speed and endurance. Putting it simply, we try to break it!


The Eagle has Landed

Once we’re 100% happy with your new app, of course, we upload your app to the App Store or Google Play for the world to see!

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