Project Brief

WearOptimo is a biotech startup who has attracted significant funding, including the Queensland Government, to develop smart sensor technology tracking employee fatigue.

The client required an iPad application to connect to their proprietary sensors and output data on dashboards for clinicians to view and analyse.




  • Figma Wireframes
  • Figma prototype
  • Fnctionality
  • Varnish cache
  • Speed optimisation


  • Branding
  • UX/UI Design
  • Technology

The Challenge

The first challenge with this project was that there were multiple sensors connected to subjects- upwards of 20! WearOptimo wanted 50 in some cases however our advice was that even though Apple states the number of Bluetooth connections to their devices is unlimited, there is a critical mass at which point the device will completely disconnect all sensors, hampering the continuity they require with data collection.

The second challenge was creating visually appealing dashboards to display what is essentially spreadsheet data outputs from the sensors.


Product Design

Our usual Product Discovery process was not required as the requirements were highly specified by WearOptimo’s engineering team. Our team were supplied a prototype to build the API connecting the iPad application to the sensors SDK.

We consulted with the client on the ‘look & feel for the dashboard and made recommendations for user experience- especially considering the screens may be viewed by clinicians over sustained time periods.

The Solution

This project required a significant amount of testing prior to release. The variables in Bluetooth connectivity meant that the connections established needed to be robust, and if a sensor dropped out, alerts needed to be posted within the app so that immediate corrective action could be taken to protect data integrity.

The app was delivered successfully to WearOptimo allowing them to advance their work, they are currently preparing for human trials to commence.

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