So you would like to get into the app business?  You’ve got a great app idea?  Prepared to part with your hard-earned cash to get it off the ground?  Here are some lessons learned from The App Team to consider.

Mobile apps – everyone downloads them. Everyone wants them. The industry is growing at an unprecedented rate and its an exciting time for everyone involved. The structure of the market is so that there was relatively low barriers to entry resulting in staggering numbers of would be app developers signing up to developer programs across all mobile platforms.  But how do you pick you first app idea?  What platform or device should you use – Apple, Android or something else?  What tools and techniques drive your decision making process?

Lesson 1 – Market data analysis is vital

Ok so you have a great idea for an app.  How can you tell if it is going to succeed?  The first step you need to take is to research the app marketplace data for similar apps and look for a consistent ranking history.  If you can’t find similar apps, it may indicate that market demand for your idea is low.  It is far easier to align your app ideas with current download trends.  If you don’t have an app idea but want to start developing apps, start researching all app markets to see which apps are being downloaded the most.  Common trends or themes will quickly emerge which will help you narrow your focus.

Lesson 2 – Build an app that you can refine over and over without demand being impacted by events

Think of a simple yet effective app that you will be able to tweak over and over so you can maximise your downloads.  When choosing your first app idea, avoid those that are aligned with events such as Christmas, Easter etc.  Demand for event themed apps will drop off after that event has finished, limiting your chances to tweak and maintain download consistency.  Try to start with an idea that you can leverage towards these events.

Lesson 3 – Consider the niche markets where you have most knowledge

Once you have conducted your initial market research and determined the trends, try to align these trends with your individual circumstances and knowledge bases. Avoid taking on a trend or idea in which you have little or no previous knowledge or experience.  By aligning to your individual circumstances, you will find your app marketing strategy will be easier to implement and you may find it easier to understand how your app should be modified to achieve higher downloads.

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