In 2022, Statista estimates 258+ billion app downloads globally, its a great time to innovate new products through an app platform.

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As a leader in iOS mobile app development in Australia, The App Team has some of the best app developers around. With our team of experienced, content, app and software developers, we can transform your amazing ideas to scalable and functional solutions.

We love what we do, and take pride in the results- but most of all we enjoy making our clients happy!


That goes beyond just creating beautiful and technically outstanding apps. We transact with transparency and integrity and explore other opportunities to improve your app and grow your business. With offices in Toowoomba, Brisbane, and the Sunshine Coast, we are able to serve clients across Australia. For an Australian iPhone app developer who gets stuff done, contact The App Team.

Are you ready to make things happen? So are we. Let’s transform your idea into something functional, scalable and truly amazing.

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We specialise in business productivity and utility style apps.

Our passion is building utility & productivity apps that solve real-world problems and deliver a great user experience at the same time.


We work with Start-Ups, from concept development through to raising capital.

We deliver value to the founders journey by helping them define their product, designing initial prototypes right through to project delivery. We are experienced in developing pitch-ready assets for securing critical funding to see your product come to life!

Our Approach

We dig deep to understand the real-world problems your customers face, and develop solutions that will produce a useful and memorable experience for your users.

Our teams work on the basis of shared objectives, all key stakeholders of the product team are involved in every step. So dont be surprised that our engineers attend design meetings- its for the greater good!

We hold our client relationship in very high regard. No matter the size of project you undertake with us, our senior management will always be your point of contact.

We have an approach that works

Product Discovery

The first step is all about understanding the issues and problems faced by your target audience. Why is this product relevant to your users, and what do they need to have their problems solved? We look at how you have validated for market need and product fit. Our full day workshop is followed by an intensive work period where we document the information and outcomes, and produce early stage wireframing, delivered in a full presentation format.

Design & Prototyping

After presenting the Product Discovery documentation, our UX designers get to work on building out the approved wireframes into a complete suite of design assets. If required we can deploy these assets to a prototype for you to demonstrate to stakeholders and gather further feedback for refining the product. Our Business Analysts lead this process guiding the design team as they are compiling the software requirements specification (SRS) for the project.


Our development team now assumes control and with fully approved designs and SRS documentation we move into the engineering phase. The project is broken into smaller bodies of work, called cycles. Each cycle will include refinement, planning, development, testing/QA, review, and retrospective. Our project leaders guide the team to produce and assemble every feature and functional element into a full working state.

User Acceptance Testing

With a working version ready to go, our clients receive a private version of the platform to test the product and confirm we have met the brief. We want to make sure all agreed deliverables are met and that the usability of the platform is a flawless experience. Building new and innovative software will always present challenges and instances requiring further attention, this process is critical in identifying and resolving any issues prior to releasing publicly.


The App Team take care of deploying your new release to the App Stores. This in itself is a significant set of tasks and requires experience to navigate the process. Once all the requirements have been met, we push your app live and manage any issues that present directly with the publishers, on your behalf.

Maintenance & further development

Our enterprise-level hosting infrastructure is capable of handling large platforms with high traffic demands. The App Team will manage the ongoing requirements for your app including the setup of monitoring tools, such as Crashlytics, Google Analytics, and Firebase. We will provide the necessary access for you to make informed decisions to evolve your platform and assist in establishing a product roadmap that aligns to your business objectives and responds to user feedback. As your platform is built from the ground up there are very few limitations so developing new features can be done with relative ease.

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In Case You Were Wondering....

In 2020, eMarketer reported adult smartphone users will spend 4 hours per day using mobile internet, 88% spent utilising mobile apps rather than browsers.

If you can add value for your customers through your own app, now is a great time to invest in building new technology. The App Team specialise in creating great user experiences, which will give you a competitive advantage in your market.

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