The future is here and now. What used to be seen only in movies and television shows are gradually becoming actual technologies used in the real world. The year 2021 will see the acceleration of technological development that even the wildest predictions of 50 years ago could not have imagined.

A recent infographic by international digital marketing company Dot Com Infoway revealed the following mobile app development trends and statistics for 2021:

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Around six billion everyday products and common household appliances are targeted to connect to the use of AI in one way or another.

Many businesses have shown interest in integrating AI into their marketing strategy and customer service. Through AI, businesses can have a more personalised approach to the products and services they offer, which can boost sales conversion rates.

AI can collect, memorise and analyse data, which partly explains the technology that allows marketers to target consumers with relevant adverts based on their online activities.

But beyond analysing consumer behaviour and buying patterns, businesses can create marketing strategies based on data collected by AI. Businesses can use this data to approach their marketing strategy on a case-by-case basis rather than targeting a demographic.

Chat Bots

Among the various forms of AI, chatbots are becoming the most popular regarding usage and interest. Statistics found that more than half of companies across the globe will be using chatbots to communicate with customers, some even equipped with voice chat features.

Chatbots will be the answer to the demand for fast communication and fast transactions. Customer service statistics in 2017 revealed that more than 66 percent of consumers expect businesses to be reachable via social media and that customers expect a response within 24 hours. A separate review found that response times are directly linked to sales conversion rates: faster replies mean higher conversions.

Augmented Reality (AR)

The Dot Com Infoway statistics show that more than 1.58 billion apps this year and 4.67 billion in 2022 will have pre-built AR features. The global market for AR has been projected to hit close to four billion US dollars before the year 2020 ends.

While AR is widely known for dog and floral filters on Instagram and Snapchat, businesses have managed to integrate AR to improve customer experiences and attract clients. Gap’s DressingRoom app, for example, allows users to view garments fitted to their selected size. Online furniture retailer Wayfair also has an app with AR features that allows customers to visualise a product in their own home just by holding up their smartphone. There are other potential uses for AR that businesses are starting to tap into, and this is only the beginning.

Is Your App Future-Ready?

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