User Experience design focuses on empathy- your customers want to know you understand their problems. Only then can you tell them how your product delivers the best solution.

UX design delivers meaningful solutions

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    Know the issues they want solved

    Good UX design shows a deeper understanding of the issues your customers want solved.

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    Human-centred design

    By understanding the problems we provide meaningful and relevant experiences to users.

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    Reap what you sow

    Forrester Research discovered by providing improved User Experience Design conversion rates can increase +400%.

If you are ready, lets get started!

Agile UX approach- UX Design doesn't stop once the coding starts!

Your customers needs will always continue to change and evolve, this is why taking the approach of continuous improvement is key to retention. Agile methodology allows us to be providing regular insights to assist in evolving your product and keep in-step with your users needs.


The UX ‘Sweet Spot’ User + Business = Product

UX design allows us to close the divide across the business, product and user. When we closely align these 3 elements, the user experience is one where their needs are met- and exceeded! 

Our Approach

Through deep diving into the issues faced by your customers, we discover their motivations to seek out a solution to their problems.

We workshop all the available options from the customers perspective, and experiment with different solutions. The outcomes are designs and prototypes that are ready for market testing.

Continuous improvements comes at a cost- but it is all upside! We recommend updates based on analytics and evidence, iterating change in small measurable packages so that the impact of change has full visibility. Like any good scientific approach- we question and scrutinise everything.

We have a process that works

Who is the audience

Knowing the target market that you are looking to reach and influence is a key for a successful UX design execution. Understanding what their pain points and forms the basis of the strategy which then informs the creative direction. This knowledge should be woven into the fabric with every user element to ensure a consistent user experience across all assets.

How do we solve their problems

We create strategies that are targeted at addressing pain points and deliver value for our target audience. There may be more than one approach so where possible we validate the merits of the strategies with your target audience.

What could solutions look like

Now that we have determined, and possibly validated, the best solutions we explore where technology serves in the product mix. Our years of experience comes to the fore to ideate potential features and functions and determining the feasibility of each option.

Information Architecture

Having settled on our creative and technology solutions, the next stage involves assembling the information we need to present. This activity requires structuring, labelling, and organising the content enabling the user to locate all that they require to address their needs. We plan a user journey to logically step through information and deliver quality conversions.

Early-stage visualisation

Using wireframes we create initial visual representations to display the hierarchical orders of information. This process is used to validate across key stakeholders that our proposed solution responds to the identified user issues, prior to commencing the larger design work. Iterating amendments in wireframes is much faster/less expensive than the same process on the finished design.

UI Design

When we are satisfied that the solution fits the need we hand-off to our UI Design team to create the final art. There is little for a designer to interpret or make ad-hoc decisions as we have effectively created a blueprint for them to follow. Our design team can focus on styling in theme in line with business objectives and brand requirements.

Test & Measure

Assessing the effectiveness of any new endeavour will inform on what we need to do better, and/or how much more we continue to leverage the success of the new solution. Our team can advise on how we gain visibility in measuring success and also how to act on the information we gather.

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In Case You Were Wondering....

HubSpot reported in 2022 that: 90% of people surveyed that they stopped using a mobile app due to poor user experience.

Investing in the UX design process pays dividends in a big way. Consider not only the users who are currently on your platform, but the people they talk to about their experience. Word-of-mouth referral has long been considered the best form of advertising, give your users great reasons to sing your praises- not shot you down!

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