Eliminate the unknowns before building your product, validate your assumptions with your target audience.

Why validating makes sense.

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    Establish market need

    One of the biggest reasons start up’s fail is that their products have no market need. Quantitative market surveys may help you avoid building a product that nobody needs to use.

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    Expand your horizons

    Qualitative participant feedback deep dives into key points derived from surveys. Not only does this further strengthen your products validity, it can also help you refine your product offering.

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    Investors LOVE it!

    Rigourously testing your concept in the active marketplace reduces the risks of failure, investors love to see that there is a real and unmet need for your product.

If you are ready, lets get started!

Are you struggling to completely define your product? Are issues you cannot resolve?

Its fair to say that not everyone can be expected to have all of the answers. We can assist in removing some of the blindspots by capturing tangible market inputs.


We work with established businesses looking to innovate or pivot current products.

Established businesses need to follow the same process when looking to make significant product changes. Our process is easily adapted to provide insights when looking redefine your products.

Our Approach

We critically analyse your all facets of your audience traits and user behaviours to develop highly relevant desired outcomes that align to business goals and objectives.

We commission online surveys at scale to corroborate our assumptions, then zero in on key areas to explore in our audience interviews.

We assemble all the data gathered and create observations that will support the next courses of action.

We have a process that works.

We understand your needs

If you're looking for an agency that understands your unique needs, you've come to the right place. We understand that every concept, product, and business has its own unique goals and objectives, and we'll work with you to develop a strategy and direction that meets your needs. So if you're ready to take your business to the next level, let's get started.

Establish goals, assumptions, and hypotheses

Goals and objectives for the product are established first. Assumptions are compiled, and each assumption is given a ranking on the importance to the goals and whether evidence is readily available or not. This process distils down to the key assumptions that have no evidence, which forms the basis of market surveys.

Survey the market

We will survey the market to validate our key assumptions. This will help us to focus our broad market approach. One of the methods we may use is online surveys. We can define a specified audience and deploy a highly structured questionnaire. With the platforms we use, we can have 1000’s of completed surveys ready for review in 24 hours!

Conduct targeted interviews

When compiling market data, it's important to identify the wins, and areas in need of clarification in order to develop a highly structured format for conducting personal interviews with potential customers. This can produce highly prized soundbites that will enhance, or completely alter the direction of your business. Conducting targeted interviews is a great way to gather the information you need to make informed decisions about your product or business. By speaking directly with potential customers, you can get valuable feedback that can help shape the future of your company.

Lets analyse the results

We take data analysis seriously. We critically examine every query and answer to develop themes that can be applied in a real and practical capacity. Our designers style a professional report document, with all elements easily transferred into white papers and pitch decks.

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In Case You Were Wondering....

A huge contributor to Start Up failure is, they cannot establish product/market fit. Of the companies that have failed, 42% stated their product had "no market need".

It stands to reason that if you fail to address a need in the market, your product will not survive. Before you invest time and money into building a product, it is vital that you have a market that will value the solution you have created. We have proven processes to validate your product well before you start building it.


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