Mobile app development is always changing. The industry waits for no one. Keeping up with the trend gets tougher. There is so much going on. Technological advancements, changes in what users want, and so many other factors. As an industry expert, it’s only right to stay abreast with the industry, daily.

With everything that has happened in 2020, it’s amazing how the year has seen so much improvement as regards technology. New trends keep evolving, and this article details some of the interesting ones you should absolutely keep tabs on.

IoT (Internet of things) App Integration

IoT is not a new concept. It’s been around for quite a while. However, with recent developments in that aspect of tech, interesting things unfolded in 2020. From smart homes, to retail, to security systems, tech companies have leveraged the framework to make life albeit easier. The IoT market is currently worth almost $200 billion.


Foldable devices didn’t surface this year. However, this year has been used to prove that they are viable. With devices like the Samsung Galaxy Fold, it’s becoming more believable that we can have a device that doubles for being both a tab and a smart phone.

Also, there was a lot of development put into the software for these devices. Several apps are improved to be able to deliver this new experience. The challenge is out there, and several developers are crushing it!


Absolutely one of the most anticipated technologies of the year. The rollout of 5G in more countries this year is truly the start of something remarkable. With connections and networking executed at speeds never seen. It has since opened up a larger playing field for, with more opportunities and functionalities to be leveraged. The fact that it reduces latency about 10 times more is nothing short of exceptional. This is only an indication that the future is here.


Technology is constantly changing, with scientists constantly researching of improvements to already existing ones. A lot had been achieved in 2020, but there is more to look out for in 2021.

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