In the crowded digital world, it takes more than design and quality for upcoming technologies to succeed. The ability to market them effectively is just as vital to success.

As of March 2017, there are 2.8 million apps in the Google Play store and 2.2 million in Apple’s App Store. In Google Play store alone, almost 6,000 mobile apps are released every day.

Now more than ever, developers must push for innovative marketing efforts to see maximum returns on their app. So, how do you make your app stand out from the crowd?

Generate a buzz prior to your launch with these tips:

Start with your Audience

You already have an audience in mind when you created your app, but do you know how to market your product to them? Conducting an in-depth research on your audience and competitors gives you valuable insight on crafting your marketing strategy.

Knowing your audience allows you to understand or even predict their marketing preferences as well as spending and usage constraint. Likewise, looking into what your competitors are doing gives you an idea on how your target audience responds to their strategy along with keywords to target.

Use PreApps

PreApps has a community of app enthusiasts who are always on the lookout for interesting applications. Putting your app on PreApps creates traction for your product and attracts beta testers. You will receive e-mails from people who are willing to test your app, building you an e-mail list of prospect consumers while garnering valuable feedback about your product.

Get Your App an Ambassador

There are two groups of people you can reach out to promote your app: your very own target audience and industry influencers.

Weeks before launching your app, you can invite influencers to review your product. This can be a powerful first introduction of your app and can attract the interest of possibly large followings.

You can also get your audience involved in the promotion. Consumers often look to their peers to influence their purchasing decision. Asking real people to try your product and provide feedback will boost the authenticity and value of the product for your audience. You can do this by organising a contest, giving a sneak peek of the product to the winners and promoting their responses.

Utilise Social Networks

With almost 8 out of 10 Australians using social media, social networking platforms provide a great venue for increasing awareness about your app and engaging possible users. If your business does not have social profiles yet, it’s best to start one today for your app.

Roll out quality content that effectively engages audience. Ask them for feedback and suggestions. Make sure to build a good mix of content including bits of text with high-quality images, GIFs, illustrations and compelling videos. If memes work for your brand, don’t be afraid to use them. If your target audience like it, chances are it’ll be an effective call to action.

Create a Pre-Launch Buzz for Your App

Creating a buzz for your app prior to its launch is a two-pronged move. It gets people talking about your app, consequently expanding your reach. If successfully sustained, the excitement created around the product primes users to download the app upon release, regardless if it’s free or paid.

If you need help with marketing your app, you’ve come to the best place.

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