Understanding the problem validates the solutions we look to create. This work is perpetual, we never give up on discovering!

Products must satisfy market needs

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    Define purpose

    What are the problems the market faces, who does this effect and how motivated are people to seek out a solution.

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    Conceptualise solutions

    We ideate potential solutions and how they satisfy the brief. We think creatively on how to solve the puzzle.

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    Weaving in the tech

    With our top ideas we look to how these would exist in a technology solution. We visualise and document the key features & user journey's that will deliver big value to our target audience.

If you are ready, lets get started!

Cultivate a deep understanding of your customers to build the product they want and need.

Our process moves you past assumptions and “nice to have” features towards building solutions that solve problems and become a genuine necessity for your customers.


Ensure that you are on the right track in prioritizing and building a product that will be successful.

As much as we identify problems and match them with tangible solutions- which are the features your customers can’t live without? We establish what is vital for success in the first release, and a product ‘roadmap’ for the important but non-essential features for future innovation.

Our Approach

We leap into the abyss an put ourselves in your customers shoes to understand their issues, to create tangible solutions that add real value to their everyday lives.

We sketch out how your customer should step through the process, and what they should see and do along the way.

We spend a lot of time post-workshop researching and designing to accelerate your idea into the concept to validate, moving many steps closer to delivering a market-ready product.

We have a process that works

Go deep into the problem

Every successful product regardless of the composition or industry- is a great solution for a problem that exists for a significant group of users who purchase it, and then hopefully advocate for it. We start with identifying the core factors of the problem, armed with Post-It notes and a whiteboard, and break down the issues your target user group are experiencing.

User Archetyping

Key to developing a solution is understanding who are your ideal customers, identifying what their habits, preferences, competencies, and pain points are. We discuss and document each significant stakeholder creating user archetypes, or user/customer persona’s. These outcomes are crucial for developing solution requirements and creating a point of reference for future iterations to ensure your product remains consistent in how it delivers value.

Solutions mode

We now move into general conversation on what solutions could look like, in a fashion that delivers the greatest level of value to your user groups. This session is really about brainstorming the ideas without getting tied too early to the technical details, this allows us to think “blue-sky” and create concepts that can be workshopped for their relevance and suitability.

Bring in the tech

Having created a comprehensive set of ideas, we drill into how technology can become a tangible part of the overall solution. Our expertise and creative thinking work to deliver possible features and functions. Ideally, the process produces some definitive solutions inside the workshop, we continue to address challenges requiring further research in post-workshop activities.

Early-stage visualisation

As we progress in developing solutions, we also start to create visual representations of how this user experience hangs together. We level up with the feature/function concepts and ideate on preliminary user-flows and wireframes. Creating early-stage visualisations creates a great sense of progression and allows workshop participants to see the direction coming together.


The acritical element of any product build is if it is required to produce income- how do we ensure all revenue opportunities are captured? We discuss different avenues for establishing revenue streams within your platform, and the potential conversion optimisation strategies that will work to deliver this.

Look & Feel

Every product has some aspect of user engagement, we identify what this looks like, and also how the brand plays it’s part in user interface design. We incorporate this from the start of the design process that even the early stage wireframing incorporates branding, utilising style guidelines, and key messaging.

That’s a wrap! So what’s next...

We finish the workshop session by discussing our early view of the project and what you should be expecting throughout. Post-workshop we work through an immersive process of adding further detail to the data we have gathered with further discussion and research. Our Business Analyst leads this process in developing the functional requirements brief, our design team is utilised to create initial style guides and highly detailed screen concepts, allowing you to really visualise the early stage solutions. We allow approximately 20 business days to complete the full product discovery engagement, and present a detailed presentation document.

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A word from the wise...

“Software projects can be thought of as having two distinct stages: figuring out what to build (build the right product), and building it (building the product right).

The first stage is dominated by product discovery, and the second stage is all about execution.”

― Marty Cagan, author of- Inspired: How To Create Products Customers Love

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