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Website Design
Website Design

What makes a good website? The straight answer: one that’s easy to use on all kinds of devices. Today, people browse websites on different devices – smartphones, tablets, desktop computers. That means a lot of different screen resolutions, processing capabilities, and functions. And you want your website to look good and run smoothly on all of them! The ultimate solution? A functional responsive website with a great user experience.

Whether we like it or not, consumers make judgements on your business based on your website. The App Team designs websites that make a great first impression.

Website Development

You don’t just need a website. You need a website that does a good deal of your business for you. From e-commerce websites, content-rich blogs, to knock-out landing page websites, The App Team has you covered. Consider us your one-stop shop: we’ll handle the entire process for you.

Based on years of experience, we found that three factors drive traffic to a website: naturally written and relevant content, search engine relevance, and well crafted optimisation techniques that speak to your target audience. Our team has specialists in every area who know exactly what your business needs.

Website Development
Search-Engine-Friendly Websites
Search Engine Friendly Websites

The Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) game is constantly changing. Good thing is, we’re on top of it. Our approach is simple: our goal is to help your existing customers and potential new customers find you.

Forget the plethora of ‘smoke & mirror’ website offerings in the marketplace today. Let’s talk about real strategies that deliver results. A search engine friendly website these days is now a must-have. Let’s create a new friendship – search engines and your website.

Analytics Ready

Good business decisions rely on data. We will integrate an analytical tool into your website, enabling you to get detailed insights into your users and your website’s performance.

Google Analytics is one of the most powerful data tools in the market today. We will install it to your website and train you on how it works, so when you’re ready, you can start making great business decisions yourself.

Analytics Ready

Free ‘Edit Your Website’ Tutorial

Independence is awesome. That’s why we’re going to teach you how to edit your own website – for free! Our comprehensive tutorial covers the basics of the website we built for you: how it works and how you can tweak it to your ever changing needs.

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