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Food Matters

Get health inspiration, anywhere, anytime.

With FMTV you can stream a massive collection of health & wellness documentaries, recipe videos, yoga classes, expert interviews and more, on demand. With new weekly releases and 70% unique content, you’ll never be short of health inspiration.


Get connected to the ultimate personal support service: Sonder Australia, a nation-wide network of local professionals able to provide expert advice and assistance to help with any problem, day or night.

Members of Sonder Australia gain access to a comprehensive suite of in-app information and safety features, and able to obtain rapid 24/7 in-person assistance for critical and non-critical incidents.

Track My Fish

Track my fish is the app for fishers that want to know more about the fish they catch or their progress as fishers. It’s the first app on the market that supports all the various group activities for fishers as well as allowing fishers to explore new territory.

Car Wash Now

Car Wash Now app will be an uber fresh approach, seamlessly connecting users and providers who wash cars at their home or business. There is an opportunity to create a mobile application, using technology available now, to facilitate this transaction and create a successful culture of outsourcing car washing related tasks.

Cycle of Change

The Cycle of Change program aims to engage program participants through gamification. The app is used as a motivational tool, encouraging disadvantaged youth to attend and complete program workshops, building resilience, capability and empowerment. MAS National is proudly part of IntoWork Australia.


At Nanny Now, we wanted to change how parents felt about the concept of Nannying, by offering a simple and user-friendly platform they can trust. Our team of incredibly bright minded individuals have dedicated an immense amount of time and effort to ensure that your child minding experience is faster and easier than ever.

Finders Keepers

The best app to capture, tag and search for photos and videos. Say goodbye to endless scrolling forever! Finders Keepers is a searchable photo and video app available for iPhone and iPad.

Finders Keepers gives you the ability to flag and find images instantly with searchable keywords – and to lock-down selected images so they can only be viewed with passcode access.


WordWizz – an App that features over 300 wordlists to help students turn good writing into GREAT writing!

WordWizz contains a huge bank of words organised into categories to help students improve the quality of their story writing, homework and assignments. Easy access to such a wide variety of word lists will help students become more confident and independent writers.