Developer On Demand

In need of a skilled mobile app or web developer? Perhaps a UI designer too? Introducing “Developer On-Demand”.

Based on a staff augmentation model, this cost-effective service allows your company to borrow agency quality specialists at a freelance price. “Developer On-Demand" allows your business to reduce the risks by borrowing one of our developer &/or design specialists to work exclusively on your projects, on your own terms.

This revolutionary service uses the technicalities behind the BPO model, but there’s one key addition to the mix. All staff members included in this service model are trained and toughened by the experience of working on numerous agency quality products. Each staff member is a full-time employee of The App Team with years of experience in creating on-demand applications for our clients.

This staff augmentation approach is an immense help in overcoming common project financial overheads like QA testing, deployment, architecting, technical lead support and project management. “Developer On-Demand” will allow you to meet the goals and deadlines of your project at a freelance price.

How it works?
Depending on your needs, we will promptly analyse your project scope and identify the appropriate developer/s based on the technical requirements of your project.

You get to focus on your core business while our vetted specialist works exclusively on your project. During this time, all communication will be maintained with your team on your preferred channels. You are granted full control over their day-to-day operations; managing their workflow and deciding on the project tools that they are allowed to use.

  • We personally oversee the quality of their work and their work hours.
  • Each specialist included in the “Developer On-Demand” program is supervised by an onsite Technical Leader.
  • Your assigned developer will use our office, hardware, systems when working on your project.
  • The assigned developer will exclusively work full-time (35 hours per week) for your projects.
  • The hourly rate reduces based on the commitment period, with the minimum commitment period being 3-months.

We can also provide access to additional team members (at an additional cost) to support your projects, such as UI Designers, QA Testers, DevOps, Technical Leads and Project Managers.

Get in Touch
When you are ready to talk, we are here to listen. Reach out to us so we can identify the best developer capable of augmenting into your in-house team.

There is no doubt about it, the app industry is growing at a phenomenal rate.
Don't be left behind.

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