Rapid Requirements Workshops

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Rapid requirements workshops are structured events that are facilitated for getting all stakeholders related to a product or project together for the purpose of discovering, redefining priorities, reiterating and validating details and requirements. Most times, a professional facilitator is called upon to manage these workshop sessions. This professional may be without or within the organisation in question. The basis of this brainstorm process stems from the Joint Application Design. 

With this workshops, organisations working on a product get to achieve the following: 

  • Reduction of product defects by about 20 – 50% 
  • Reduction of the time needed to ship the product or project by about 5 – 15%.

These workshops helps the business analyst, product manager or project manager achieve: 

  • In-depth insight into the needs of all relevant stakeholders of the product or project.
  • Leveraging the insight of the stakeholders, as they are well-versed in their various areas of expertise.
  • Fine-tuning of requirement and needs of each stakeholder within the shortest possible time.

There are several other activities that can come into the rapid requirement workshop process. These are;

  • Whiteboard statements and presentation of product problems.
  • Discovery of new product market-fit and requirements.
  • Prototyping of product lifecycle as well as wire-framing of user experience.

During rapid requirement workshops, different things can happen. However, they all follow this basic template:

  • At the beginning, ground rules are set.
  • Participants in the workshop are split into teams, each team representing a mixture of specialties and interests. This is to achieve inclusion and balance.
  • A general problem statement and mandate is given to each participant. This will make it easier for participants to understand what they are discussing. It also aids prioritisation.

As the facilitator, your work isn’t much. If you get things right, all you need to do include;

  • Being observant: You need to listen to and monitor just what every stakeholder is doing. Body language, group dynamics, etc.
  • Keeping track of time to ensure that all objectives are duly covered.

With a properly conducted rapid requirement workshop, you get to cut down massively on the time requirement to ship your product or project. 

Apple App Store Guidelines

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Apple is all about ensuring the best experience for their users, which is why app owners have to go through stringent review process before their apps can get on the platform. The company obsesses with giving the best store experience to everyone – both the developers and the users.

Developers need to follow guidelines if there apps will ever make it to the store. There are several of these guidelines covering different aspects of an app on the store. To get on the store, apps must completely fulfil all these guidelines.

App store Review Guidelines
This is that set of guidelines that ensures that your app, as a developer, aligns with the technical, design and content criteria that Apple uses in reviewing all the apps that come on their platform. Apple is very strict with these review guidelines. You can find out all about these guidelines here.

AppStore Identity Guidelines
This is the guideline that helps you properly integrate the right badges into your apps. With this guide, you know the right badges you need for your pictures, videos and other marketing materials, to align with the Apple image. You can find out all about these guidelines here.

App store promo artwork guidelines
This is the guideline that will help you in designing your promotional designs if your app is to be features on the app store. Going against this guideline leaves your app prone to not being properly showcased. You can find out all about these guidelines here.

Human Interface Guidelines
This is the guideline that helps developers prepare the best apps with interfaces optimised for the apple ecosystem. Since the iPhones have different interfaces to the Android, these guidelines are pertinent. You can find out all about these guidelines here.

Apple Wallet Guidelines
If your webapp, app, pages, emails, etc. will make use of the Apple wallet, this guideline is vital. You can find out all about these guidelines here.

Apple Pay Identity Guidelines
Apple pay is the fastest and most secure to make payment on the iPhone. This should tell you just how strict the guidelines will be. You can find out all about these guidelines here.

Part of the branding of the Apple ecosystem is its guidelines that emphasise on privacy and security, and an overall better experience for their users. Hence, as a developer, you shouldn’t take the guidelines as serious as they do.

The importance of UX in app development

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Technology is developing at a really fast pace in the world. The ease of access to top-notch then makes the competition stiffer than it was in the early internet days. Hence, it’s no longer about who has the technology. Everyone now can build the same infrastructure. Thanks to this, the importance of experience can no longer be overemphasised.

In the world of startups and businesses that rely on technology, user experience is a term you will hear more frequently. In design, user experience has the acronym “UX”. 

UX (User experience) development is the process of improving the overall experience of users whenever they get on your product and interact with either the application or website. The aim of this improvement is to achieve better user satisfaction

The primary aim of any business or product is to increase sales and grow. UX plays an important role in achieving because it is that factor that determines if the user will stay long enough to even consider making purchase, subscribing or paying for a feature.  

The user experience also contributes massively in improving user retention. It’s the aspect of the product that helps you win the confidence and trust of the user. A great user experience helps them reach whatever they need as fast as possible.

You’ve probably heard the quote that “first impressions last long”. This is true in every sense of the word. What user experience the first time they are interacting with your product will form the basis of their opinion for as long as possible.

Also, a great user experience (in extension, the user interface) helps you better understand your audience and their needs. This saves you from wasting time and resources on things that don’t matter.

Hence, if you want to grab and keep the attention of your users, you need to continuously improve the user experience.  

Introducing .NET Multi-Platform App UI

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Numerous developer use .NET as the main platform they work on because you can build anything with it. Companies also invest heavily in .NET frameworks. While the .NET framework has been fun to work with across the different platforms, there is the need to take it a step further. Hence, the need for the .NET 5. With this, Microsoft brings together the functionalities of the .NET platform, .NET core and Mono/Xamarin. These come together in one base class library and toolchain.

This introduction is to mitigate the disparity caused by the different operating systems that there are; iOS, android, macOS and Windows. Now, with just the .NET MAUI, there will be no more issues of device differences.

What is .NET MAUI?
.NET MAUI is an evolution that allows for further cross-device capability for the Xamarin.Forms toolkit that several companies have used in powering their business over the past 6 years. With this evolution, multi-platform applications can be built easily, especially to be more compatible with the Microsoft Surface Duo.

This new framework makes the work easier for .NET developers. A single stack will support all the various operating systems – Android, iOS, macOS and Windows – when deployed.

Understanding that there are sometimes differing features for the various platforms, the cross-platform API allows for the seamless customization of user experience per platform. This allows developers to share more code than they have ever done.

The Unique Features
The development of the .NET MAUI started in a bid to improve the productivity of developers. It drastically simplifies project structure. Developers get to focus on just one project that can target multiple platforms at the same time.

The .NET MAUI grants you further access to underlying operating system APIs that makes platform-specific integrations easier. Everything is in one place with the .NET MAUI.

Final Take
There are many more features to note about this development. Some of these are the MVVM (Model-view-viewmodel), XAML, MVU, etc.

As expected, Microsoft has put everything in place to ensure that transitioning from the Xamarin.Forms to .NET MAUI is easy for developers, with try-convert support and migration guides. Previews of the development will surface this year, while the mass rollout begins in November, 2021.

The App Trends of 2020

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Mobile app development is always changing. The industry waits for no one. Keeping up with the trend gets tougher. There is so much going on. Technological advancements, changes in what users want, and so many other factors. As an industry expert, it’s only right to stay abreast with the industry, daily.

With everything that has happened in 2020, it’s amazing how the year has seen so much improvement as regards technology. New trends keep evolving, and this article details some of the interesting ones you should absolutely keep tabs on.

IoT (Internet of things) App Integration
IoT is not a new concept. It’s been around for quite a while. However, with recent developments in that aspect of tech, interesting things unfolded in 2020. From smart homes, to retail, to security systems, tech companies have leveraged the framework to make life albeit easier. The IoT market is currently worth almost $200 billion.

Foldable devices didn’t surface this year. However, this year has been used to prove that they are viable. With devices like the Samsung Galaxy Fold, it’s becoming more believable that we can have a device that doubles for being both a tab and a smart phone.

Also, there was a lot of development put into the software for these devices. Several apps are improved to be able to deliver this new experience. The challenge is out there, and several developers are crushing it!

Absolutely one of the most anticipated technologies of the year. The rollout of 5G in more countries this year is truly the start of something remarkable. With connections and networking executed at speeds never seen. It has since opened up a larger playing field for, with more opportunities and functionalities to be leveraged. The fact that it reduces latency about 10 times more is nothing short of exceptional. This is only an indication that the future is here.

Technology is constantly changing, with scientists constantly researching of improvements to already existing ones. A lot had been achieved in 2020, but there is more to look out for in 2021.

Single Project Cross Platform Development

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“Cross platform apps or native apps?” Does this question sound familiar. It’s a hard decision to make. You probably have colleagues that are all out for cross-platform app. Just as you have other hell-bent on native apps. Then there is you, trying to figure out which side you want to be on. Well, in this brief article, we’ll introduce you to the advantages of cross platform development. 

Advantages of Cross-platform development 
There are several reasons why you should try the cross-platform development. These don’t make cross-platform development the absolute best, but they do hold their own.  

Developmental Ease 
Because a single code can work on the different platforms, it drastically reduces the cost of development – energy and funds. Also, it eliminates the need for a single developer to learn different languages to be able to create the app for different platforms. This makes things also faster for in-house developers looking to master app development. They only need to know one language – that fits all.  

Increased shipping rate 
Since developing the app for different platforms becomes faster, shipping products to market gets accelerated. Deploying updates and improving features also becomes easier and faster. 

Wider reach 
There are some apps that are only available on either android or iOS and not on both. This places a limitation on the audience that could be reached. As of now, Android has the largest market share in mobile in several parts of the world. However, in the US, iOS is fast gaining ground and further adoption. Hence, to be able to scale globally, properly, you need your app to be on both platforms. The idea of cross platform development makes this more feasible and at record time. 

Final Take
Of course, there are some downsides like performance challenges, issues with user experience, etc. for now. However, with the cross platform development ideology improving, these downsides will be mitigated. After all, isn’t that the whole idea of technology? – To try new things! 

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The App Trends of 2021 is All About the Future We Foresaw

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The future is here and now. What used to be seen only in movies and television shows are gradually becoming actual technologies used in the real world. The year 2021 will see the acceleration of technological development that even the wildest predictions of 50 years ago could not have imagined.

A recent infographic by international digital marketing company Dot Com Infoway revealed the following mobile app development trends and statistics for 2021:

Artificial Intelligence (AI)
Around six billion everyday products and common household appliances are targeted to connect to the use of AI in one way or another.

Many businesses have shown interest in integrating AI into their marketing strategy and customer service. Through AI, businesses can have a more personalised approach to the products and services they offer, which can boost sales conversion rates.

AI can collect, memorise and analyse data, which partly explains the technology that allows marketers to target consumers with relevant adverts based on their online activities.

But beyond analysing consumer behaviour and buying patterns, businesses can create marketing strategies based on data collected by AI. Businesses can use this data to approach their marketing strategy on a case-by-case basis rather than targeting a demographic.

Chat Bots
Among the various forms of AI, chatbots are becoming the most popular regarding usage and interest. Statistics found that more than half of companies across the globe will be using chatbots to communicate with customers, some even equipped with voice chat features.

Chatbots will be the answer to the demand for fast communication and fast transactions. Customer service statistics in 2017 revealed that more than 66 percent of consumers expect businesses to be reachable via social media and that customers expect a response within 24 hours. A separate review found that response times are directly linked to sales conversion rates: faster replies mean higher conversions.

Augmented Reality (AR)
The Dot Com Infoway statistics show that more than 1.58 billion apps this year and 4.67 billion in 2022 will have pre-built AR features. The global market for AR has been projected to hit close to four billion US dollars before the year 2020 ends.

While AR is widely known for dog and floral filters on Instagram and Snapchat, businesses have managed to integrate AR to improve customer experiences and attract clients. Gap’s DressingRoom app, for example, allows users to view garments fitted to their selected size. Online furniture retailer Wayfair also has an app with AR features that allows customers to visualise a product in their own home just by holding up their smartphone. There are other potential uses for AR that businesses are starting to tap into, and this is only the beginning.

Is Your App Future-Ready?
If you want to have a future-ready app for your business, The App Team experts are your guys. We collaborate with our clients to create practical technology from the most innovative ideas. We are a team of expert mobile app and software developers who provide full end-to-end service and ongoing support and maintenance. We develop mobile apps for iOS, Android and hybrid platforms and offer an obligation free consultation.

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Cupertino Cool: iOS Still Provides the Best User Experience for Apps

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In the last decade, iOS has only been surpassed as a mobile operating system by updated versions of itself. Developed by Apple Inc., iOS (formerly known as iPhone OS) is the operating system that powers Apple’s mobile devices, including the iPhone, the iPod Touch and the iPad. Since 2007, iOS has been one of the most highly praised mobile operating systems on the market because of its well-calibrated interface and excellent user experience. It is a tough act to follow.

Google Hangouts
In fact, even Google might agree. When you compare Google’s Hangouts app for Apple devices to that of an Android phone, you will notice a slight difference in how they run.

The year Hangouts was released, the app already felt consistent and coherent on the iPhone. The Android version, on the other hand, suffered from changing button placements almost every other month. It was also suffered from more bugs compared to its Apple counterpart, making it difficult to share content with other users.

Although a lot has changed since the early days of the Hangouts app, one could ask: why were the issues resolved much slower when it came to the Android operating system?

Google Search
The disparity between the iOS and Android systems was also conspicuous on Google Search.

In the early days of the Google Search app, iOS already had a noticeable advantage. Whenever you used the search engine on your iPhone, your search history would appear as a list that popped up whenever you reopened the app. For Android, your search history was almost inaccessible. Either the data was kept in a memory folder outside the app, or it disappeared somewhere within the operating system.

One Step Forward and Two Steps Back
In Australia, Android was leading in terms of overall market share. However, according to recent smartphone OS sales data in the country, sales of Android devices dropped by 52.3% in late 2016. Experts say the results might have been affected by the launch of the Apple iPhone 7 as well as the Samsung 7 battery issues.

Another reason could be less obvious: the rising preference for a smooth interface that makes a mobile phone worth the investment.

Hopeful for the Future
Other Google apps like Motion Stills, Gboard and Google Maps gave Apple a slight edge over Android because of how smoothly they run in iPhones. It does not mean, however, that all hope is lost for Android.

Just like other operating systems, Android is continuously changing and adapting to current trends and user needs. Considering the speed with which Android has caught up with Apple over the past few years, it is certain that there will be improvements in user experience.

The App Team
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What’s the Role of IoT in Mobile App Development?

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We now live in an app-based world. Mobile applications have simplified the way we perform tasks, from something as mundane as writing a grocery checklist to something as complex as checking your blood pressure.

With the rise of IoT comes a new wave of app development: IoT mobile apps. Developers are now able to interweave the cloud, analytics, networking, sensors and other systems into mobile apps, all to further enhance user experience.

But first: what is IoT?
IoT, or the Internet of Things, is the concept of streamlining the engagement of gadgets with the Internet. This includes mobile phones, lamps, headphones, coffee makers and almost any device you can think of.

If an object has an on and off switch, says Jacob Morgan for Forbes, then IoT can be integrated into its operating system.

How exactly does IoT affect the development of mobile apps?

Wearable IoT
Many people are looking forward to more wearable IoT inventions. These gadgets have the potential to revolutionise the health and medicine industry by monitoring body temperature and measuring heart rates.

Businesses can also utilise wearable IoT to assess the happiness and satisfaction levels of their employees. With wearable technology, you can provide individuals and organisations with measurable data that helps them strengthen their operations.

Remote monitoring
IoT apps enable you to observe and manipulate elements of your home or office through your mobile phone. With an IoT app, you can see the systems of your gadgets, appliances and thermostat settings even when you are enjoying a night out. People can also operate cars while outside of the car. All you need are cameras, sensors, an IoT-integrated app and a good smartphone.

A better sense of direction
Another fascinating function of IoT in enhancing mobile app technology is improving geographic location information. Big apps like Google Maps and Waze are becoming household names for their efficiency in navigation. Imagine how easier it would be to drive on unfamiliar roads if we could get a live coverage of the destination as we cruise through it. With IoT, that vision becomes a reality.

Another effect of IoT to mobile app development is how easily engineers can now program devices to pick up cues from users without the need to press buttons or touch screens. In the next few years, people can expect more WiFi-capable gadgets to read body language or differentiate voices effortlessly.

The IoT ecosystem is constantly evolving, paving way for more advanced and precise applications that would make our lives easier. IoT will continue to contribute to the expansion of technology and the excellent connectivity among users worldwide.

The App Team
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Apps are an E-Commerce Dream

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Smartphones have quickly gone beyond the basic function of calling and texting. Today, people use them to shop, search, find a good restaurant – and basically, to function in everyday life. Thanks to the birth of apps, the smartphone boom won’t be slowing down anytime soon.

The advantage of apps is a two-way street. Users find that apps make their lives easy, while the people behind the app benefit from its revenue-generating power. More and more, brands and businesses are using apps as a direct channel to interact with their target audience. And at an impressive rate, apps have paved a new way to succeed in the current competitive market.

Why Apps for E-commerce?
The beauty of mobile apps can easily be attributed to accessibility. Mobile apps allow users to learn about a company’s products or services in the easiest and fastest way. Prospective clients can view product or service details by simply tapping their phone’s screen. It’s no surprise that experts project that sales initiated through mobile apps will increase by 30 per cent in the next five years.

One of the most distinct advantages of e-commerce mobile apps is its ability to instantly alert users of any new updates about the company, whether it’s a new product, a limited time offer, or any upcoming events.

Global E-commerce Transactions
According to a report from Business Insider, mobile apps were the most popular e-commerce platform for retailers with shopping apps in the last quarter (Q4) of 2017. Global e-commerce transactions only accounted for 31 per cent in Q4 of 2016; however, the global market spiked up to 46 per cent in Q4 2017.

Focusing on User-Experience
If you want to capitalise on mobile apps’ growing share of transactions, today may be the best time to do it. But make sure you have the right people and the right technology with you to develop and launch the app.

Based on the Business Insider report, 61 per cent of smartphone users expect mobile app pages to download in four seconds or less. However, many retail apps do not meet this demand, with some pages taking over thirty seconds to download. Slow loading apps can drive users away, causing businesses to lose sales in the process.

At the App Team, we have the solution to that.

Work with Us
With over six billion apps downloaded since 2010, there is no doubt that the app industry is growing at an extraordinary rate. The App Team helps you take advantage of these opportunities by transforming your business ideas into engaging, user-friendly apps.

We specialise in app design and development for various platforms such as Android, iOS and hybrid apps. From solution design to quality assurance testing, we cover all bases to ensure that your app looks sophisticated and functions with technical excellence.

We also focus on responsiveness. We make sure that your app works smoothly across all devices regardless of operating system, screen size and processors. As a leading app development company in Australia, we know how to get the best out of Android and Apple’s operating system.

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