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Rapid Requirement Workshops

Rapid Requirements Workshops

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Rapid requirements workshops are structured events that are facilitated for getting all stakeholders related to a product or project together for the purpose of discovering, redefining priorities, reiterating and validating details and requirements. Most times, a professional facilitator is called upon to manage these workshop sessions. This professional may be without or within the organisation in question. The basis of this brainstorm process stems from the Joint Application Design. 

With this workshops, organisations working on a product get to achieve the following: 

  • Reduction of product defects by about 20 – 50% 
  • Reduction of the time needed to ship the product or project by about 5 – 15%.

These workshops helps the business analyst, product manager or project manager achieve: 

  • In-depth insight into the needs of all relevant stakeholders of the product or project.
  • Leveraging the insight of the stakeholders, as they are well-versed in their various areas of expertise.
  • Fine-tuning of requirement and needs of each stakeholder within the shortest possible time.

There are several other activities that can come into the rapid requirement workshop process. These are;

  • Whiteboard statements and presentation of product problems.
  • Discovery of new product market-fit and requirements.
  • Prototyping of product lifecycle as well as wire-framing of user experience.

During rapid requirement workshops, different things can happen. However, they all follow this basic template:

  • At the beginning, ground rules are set.
  • Participants in the workshop are split into teams, each team representing a mixture of specialties and interests. This is to achieve inclusion and balance.
  • A general problem statement and mandate is given to each participant. This will make it easier for participants to understand what they are discussing. It also aids prioritisation.

As the facilitator, your work isn’t much. If you get things right, all you need to do include;

  • Being observant: You need to listen to and monitor just what every stakeholder is doing. Body language, group dynamics, etc.
  • Keeping track of time to ensure that all objectives are duly covered.

With a properly conducted rapid requirement workshop, you get to cut down massively on the time requirement to ship your product or project. 

Apple App Store Guidelines

Apple App Store Guidelines

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Apple is all about ensuring the best experience for their users, which is why app owners have to go through stringent review process before their apps can get on the platform. The company obsesses with giving the best store experience to everyone – both the developers and the users.

Developers need to follow guidelines if there apps will ever make it to the store. There are several of these guidelines covering different aspects of an app on the store. To get on the store, apps must completely fulfil all these guidelines.

App store Review Guidelines
This is that set of guidelines that ensures that your app, as a developer, aligns with the technical, design and content criteria that Apple uses in reviewing all the apps that come on their platform. Apple is very strict with these review guidelines. You can find out all about these guidelines here.

AppStore Identity Guidelines
This is the guideline that helps you properly integrate the right badges into your apps. With this guide, you know the right badges you need for your pictures, videos and other marketing materials, to align with the Apple image. You can find out all about these guidelines here.

App store promo artwork guidelines
This is the guideline that will help you in designing your promotional designs if your app is to be features on the app store. Going against this guideline leaves your app prone to not being properly showcased. You can find out all about these guidelines here.

Human Interface Guidelines
This is the guideline that helps developers prepare the best apps with interfaces optimised for the apple ecosystem. Since the iPhones have different interfaces to the Android, these guidelines are pertinent. You can find out all about these guidelines here.

Apple Wallet Guidelines
If your webapp, app, pages, emails, etc. will make use of the Apple wallet, this guideline is vital. You can find out all about these guidelines here.

Apple Pay Identity Guidelines
Apple pay is the fastest and most secure to make payment on the iPhone. This should tell you just how strict the guidelines will be. You can find out all about these guidelines here.

Part of the branding of the Apple ecosystem is its guidelines that emphasise on privacy and security, and an overall better experience for their users. Hence, as a developer, you shouldn’t take the guidelines as serious as they do.

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